For Golf Pros

How does The Premier Golf Program benefit you, the Golf Professional?

The main focus of The Premier Golf Program is to focus on the golfer’s body and how it affects his or her golf swing.

More Benefits For The Golf Pro

We do not teach the game of golf (we leave that to you), but instead we work to improve the students physical abilities (Flexibility, Balance, Power) as well any physical limitations that may be limiting their ability to swing the golf club. Removing physical barriers allows the student to get the most from your lesson. For example, a lead hip that has restricted mobility or weakness, will usually result in a slide or a sway fault in their golf swing. So, with the team approach, we address the physical limitations while you take care of the techinical aspects of the swing.

Increase Profits

Correcting or improving the physical limitations allows the student to obtain maximum benefit from your lessons. This ultimately results in a happier golfer because they are able to be more successful with the information you have taught them. A successful outcome will result in a satisfied student who will play more rounds, take more lessons, and tell their friends how you improved their game.

Complete Report

When you refer a student to our program, you will receive a comprehensive report upon completion. This is the same report format that the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) uses to asses many of the top golfers in the world. This report will explain what their physical limitations are and how it may be affecting their golf swing. You will now have access to the same information about your students that the tour teaching professionals have about the best golfers in the world.