Our Decompression Story

We have been treating chronic back pain and related disorders since 1992.

After researching spinal decompression therapy for a few years and determining that it was very safe, gentle and effective, we decided to incorporate it into our treatment protocols for cervical and lumbar herniated and bulging discs. The results have been outstanding.

In 2013 the spinal decompression clinic at Embarcadero Center in downtown San Francisco was purchased by Chiro-Medical Group, Inc.  Chiro-Medical Group is an industry leader in chiropractic, physical medicine and sports medicine. (The benefits of an integrated practice are discussed in this issue of Chiropractic Economics Magazine.)

We have a staff of medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and administrative personnel.

Spinal decompression treatment is typically 20-24 one-hour sessions completed over a 6-8 week period. You would be on the machine for 30 minutes followed by 10 minutes of muscle stimulation and ice.  We can also incorporate laser therapy, massage and chiropractic, if indicated. In difficult to treat cases, co-care with our medical team may make sense.

The spinal decompression machine we use is the DRX9000, which is fully computerized with a biofeedback mechanism to ensure safety and efficacy. Most of our herniated disc patients fall asleep during treatment.  It is rarely painful and is something to look forward to.

Contact us at either office to schedule your consultation. (415) 392-2225 or (415) 495-2225

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