Decompression Response Times

Herniated disc patients always want to get better quickly and that is always our primary goal. In fact, most spinal decompression patients start to feel better well before they complete their recommended treatment plan (plans average 20 sessions). This does not mean they are necessarily better yet, but it does indicate the treatment is working.

Just like taking a course of antiobiotics, patients often feel better soon but need to complete the entire treatment process so the condition does not return.  Keeping patients focused on the regimen, and home care, is our job. Adhering to the recommendations is the patient's job. When done properly the odds increase significantly for a favorable outcome.

Even so, some spinal disc decompression patients are slower to respond. Sometimes results happen towards the end of the treatment protocol. And in very rare circumstances, some patients never respond. It’s just the way it is.

The good news is that most patients do see results and the ones that don’t are still whole and can pursue other treatments. If you have a back surgery (fusion) you may be permanently disqualified from ever trying decompression therapy.  So if you look like a good spinal decompression candidate, it may make sense to try it before surgery.

So there you go. Most patients do achieve favorable results with machines like the DRX-9000 (the machine we use). And most see results before the treatment is finished. Some take longer. In very difficult cases we have medical doctors at our primary clinic (Chiro-Medical Group) to help co-manage the process and a team of physical therapists if needed.

We have performed thousands of spinal decompression sessions at our clinic and look forward to answering any questions you may have about the treatment.

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