Decompression at Any Age

Spinal decompression is an excellent nonsurgical, drugless treatment method for the treatment of herniated and bulging discs.  It is very gentle and safe for the most part. However, spinal decompression is physical and involves pulling and stretching.  The machine we use is the DRX9000. The DRX-9000 has a built-in biofeedback mechanism that enables the machine to sense the patients muscle response to the therapy and make adjustments to the intensity of the treatment based on this incoming data. This is a key component of most of the top of the line decompression systems and makes it so even the most difficult of cases can be gently treated.

As far as the elderly patient goes,  we have helped many when all else failed. We have also had some elderly patients that we could not help. We will not accept a case we feel we cannot help. Even so, sometimes we start an elderly patient and it just does not work. The good news is, other than some soreness, we have never had a patient sustain serious or permanent injury. A lot has to do with the patients overall physical condition and if there are any complications as far as underlying health problems that may interfere with a favorable outcome.  It’s the doctors call. We have medical doctors and physical therapists at our primary clinic and often times we co-manage difficult cases with them.

Spinal decompression should be considered for the elderly only if it makes sense medically.

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