Decompression or Physical Therapy?

Several times per month, we consult with herniated disc patients who were told they need physical therapy for their condition. They say it helped a little, but failed to correct the issue. Why might this be the case?

When a vertebral disc is out of it's normal position, putting pressure on a nerve, it can cause severe inflammation and muscle spasm. This is the natural response of the body as it attempts to protect the injured area. Physical therapy can sometimes aggravate the herniated disc complex, because the body can't handle exercise in this inflamed state.

Spinal decompression, on the other hand, is a safe, gentle therapy which seeks to restore the injured disc to a more normal shape and position. The result is reduced nerve pressure, muscle spasm and inflammation. The spinal decompression machine we use has a built in bio-feedback mechanism that senses the response of the body to the treatment and makes adjustments to the force based on this feedback loop. This protects the body and allows the process to proceed even in the most difficult of cases.

In the event a patient requires physical therapy at the end of the treatment, they are now in a much better physical condition to handle it!

We have one of the most advanced physical therapy teams in San Francisco at our primary clinic in San Francisco, Chiro-Medical Group, Inc.  So, in the event that PT is needed, our patients simply walk a few blocks to get treatment.

Please be very careful when you are told that you need physical therapy for a herniated disc.  Consider spinal decompression first.

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