Choose a Fat-loss Program Wisely

Dropping a few pounds may result in positive aesthetic results, of course, but weight loss has a number of health benefits. One such benefit is decreased pressure and strain on your body's joints, like knees and ankles. This important benefit is the main reason medical offices are promoting fat loss "systems" or programs. Unfortunately, not all fat reduction systems are equally effective.

.... Get Moving!

The medical journal BMJ published a report today that links a lower risk of early death to higher levels of physical activity at any intensity in middle-aged and older people. Previous studies have repeatedly suggested that any type of sedentary behavior, such as sitting still, is not good for your health. Being sedentary for 9.5 hours or more a day, excluding sleeping time, is associated with an increased risk of death. Led by Prof.

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Regenerative Medicine for Shoulder Pain

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Are Foam Rollers Any Good?

Curious about foam rolling? We hope you'll enjoy this excellent article from the March 2019 edition of Men's Health.

"While few scientific studies currently exist, many physiotherapists tout the benefits of stretching sore muscles with targeted foam roller exercises after a tough workout in a bid to speed up recovery. Many trainers also believe that specific foam roller exercises before working out can help improve performance in the gym by increasing elasticity and range of motion in muscles.

Myths About Sleep

It turns out we may not know all we need to know about healthy sleeping habits.

Please read the enclosed article carefully. You'll be surprised to learn how many hours of sleep is optimal each night, how important "deep" sleep is for our sleep cycle and how counter-productive snoozing really is.

Have you ever wondered whether or not snoring is harmful or whether or not napping helps insomnia? If so, take a few minutes and read this interesting article.

Sweet dreams!

Get Moving

Walking for just 12 minutes every other day can offer important health benefits, but in order to increase your longevity, you should try to walk for up to 30 minutes, five days per week. Experts generally agree that to be considered "active," adults should try to take 10,000 steps each day. Wearing a pedometer or an activity tracker is an easy way to track your progress.

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