Back Surgery Alternative

Many herniated disc patients are told they need back surgery. Maybe they do, but maybe they don't. How are they to know for sure?

Welcome to the life of a spinal decompression doctor. This is what we are dealing with every day! I would like to give you our take on the situation.

A herniated disc patient should NOT rush into back surgery, because once they do, in many cases, they will be permanently disqualified from trying non-surgical spinal decompression.

In addition, many herniated discs will repair naturally over time. In fact, more people than not are actually walking around with bulging and herniated discs and don't even know it. Not all patients with a herniated disc in the low back experience low back pain or sciatica. That's right, the majority of lumbar disc herniations do not even cause symptoms.

In certain cases, the disc is herniated so much that the body is unable to re-position it naturally such that it does not interfere with a person's life. In situations like this, conservative chiropractic care can be very effective.

There is however a subset of herniated and bulging disc patients who do not respond to chiropractic care, drugs, cortisone, or physical therapy. Some of these patients are suffering daily with severe low back pain and sciatica. Many are unable to sleep and end up taking various kinds of medications for pain management. Life is miserable.

These are the type of back pain patients who tend to want surgery. They are desperate. This type of patient represents about 10-15% of all herniated disc patients. These are the perfect candidates for spinal decompression. The machine we use is the DRX9000 but there are many fine decompression systems out there.

Unless it is a medical emergency or you are disqualified from decompression therapy, we recommend a course of spinal decompression to see if a patient will respond. Disc decompression is very safe and gentle. It takes about 6 weeks (20 sessions) to work through the protocol and make a determination if the treatment was successful.

If the DRX9000 does not achieve a favorable outcome or desired result, you are still whole and able to pursue all other treatment options including back surgery. If you have a spinal fusion, though, you can never try decompression. So why not try decompression first?

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