About Us

A team approach: when healing hands combine

One of our unique strengths is our team approach. Chiro-Medical Group is a multi-disciplinary healthcare facility focusing on teamwork to promote your optimal health. Our team combines expertise from the fields of Chiropractic, Medicine, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy for a convenient and comprehensive approach to your health.

Highly skilled healthcare providers

We value the expertise of our highly skilled healthcare providers. Our "hands-on" experience, complimented by a solid foundation of educational credentials and professional certifications provides each patient with the specialized care required in today's healthcare environment. In addition our doctors are committed to ongoing education. They attend as well as offer lectures to individuals and other healthcare providers.

Quick relief from pain

One of our primary goals is to deliver quick and lasting relief when you are in pain. But we don't stop there. Our multi-disciplinary clinic is designed to fit your active lifestyle. We can help you develop a complete wellness program and provide you with the tools to maintain your health with a minimum amount of time and hassle.

Comprehensive treatment program

In our opinion, the value of a well-rounded healthcare program cannot be underestimated. In the short term, this means plotting an appropriate course of treatment that includes a beginning, middle, and an end. In the long term, we advocate appropriate support and provide education on exercise, proper lifting, posture, and diet. We also offer classes in back care and self-help seminars focusing on safety and the prevention of injuries.