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Welcome to Chiro-Medical Group

Chiro-Medical Group is an innovative collaboration of health care professionals who work together as a team to promote optimal health. Our group includes specialists in the fields of medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, nutrition, and personal athletic training.

Our goal is to get our patients out of pain and back to an active, healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. Additionally, we educate our patients on how to stay healthy and active and avoid injuries.

If you are in pain, we want to help you find the road to recovery. We strive to deliver immediate and lasting relief from pain and enhance your daily performance.

We believe that this is best achieved by our highly qualified professionals working in conjunction with one another to provide you with the most comprehensive health care available.

We place a special emphasis on quality health care and can help you find relief and healing from sports injuries, headaches, back pain, work related injuries, computer fatigue, and more.

Call today to see what Chiro-Medical Group can do for you! 415.495.2225

Welcome, Dr. Robles

Alejandra Robles, DC

Chiro-Medical Group is thrilled to welcome Dr. Alejandra Robles to the chiropractic team.

With more than two decades of professional experience in the healing and movement arts, Dr. Robles brings a broad base of knowledge to her role as a health care practitioner. During her career she has provided chiropractic services to a wide variety of pediatric and adult patients, ranging from manual laborers in the Peruvian highlands and farmers in rural Central America to software engineers in Silicon Valley and weekend warriors in Portland, Oregon.

Are Foam Rollers Any Good?

Curious about foam rolling? We hope you'll enjoy this excellent article from the March 2019 edition of Men's Health.

"While few scientific studies currently exist, many physiotherapists tout the benefits of stretching sore muscles with targeted foam roller exercises after a tough workout in a bid to speed up recovery. Many trainers also believe that specific foam roller exercises before working out can help improve performance in the gym by increasing elasticity and range of motion in muscles.

Chiropractors are Conservative Care Providers

Battling the Opioid Crisis

This week, CBS 21 News in Pennsylvania aired a segment, "An Opioid Exit Strategy: How Chiropractors May Hold the Key," which showcases the need for safe, effective, drug-free care - including chiropractic - to be utilized to manage pain prior to prescription opioids.

Total Wellness Returns June 13th

One of Embarcadero Center's largest and most successful annual events, Total Wellness, returns to the Center on Thursday, June 13, 2019.

Chiro-Medical Group is pleased to participate again this year.