Success Stories

"The Pain Really Does Stop Here!"

The pain really does stop here! Having to practically crawl to get there, I was in so much pain in my lower back. In tears upon arrival, the front of the house staff took extra care with me and I imediately felt like everything was going to be okay within the first few minutes.

I was promptly greeted by Dr. Hal Rosenberg....i.e. The Miracle Man! Not only was he quite possible the most handsome Dr. I've visited (can we say ...bonus?) he clearly knew what he was doing because my pain significantly decreased after just one visit! Over the course of the next few days I returned to Chiro-Medical Group and after each visit my pain decreased. (Im in no pain today--2 weeks later).....phew!!!

I'm confident that these guys are back experts and that they take the best approach to treatment...a Holistic--Total Care Approach that is consultative, educational and supportive. They even have primary care physicians!

Thanks Chiro_Med group for taking such good care of me. I'm truly grateful!

Christina H.

San Francisco, CA

"I'd Give Them More Stars If Yelp Allowed That"

I'm am avid runner and cyclist (w/ swimming in the mix for triathlons occasionally. Who really likes swimming all that much anyway?). As with most endorphin junkies, my mood changes when I get cut off from those activities.

2 years ago, I had achilles tendonitis which stopped my running cold. I tried recovering on my own for about 2 months without any success. After 5 weeks of PT with Kelly and some from Bobby, it was as if though I'd never had it.

Last year, I split my left peroneus brevis tendon (longitudinally). I couldn't really do anything except run on pavement (anything else, including trail running, swimming and biking) made it hurt. I didn't know that I had actually split it at that point. They worked on it for a few weeks eventually agreed something more was 'up'. The MRI showed the split which equaled 'surgery' (and several additional opinions agreed). The post-surgery PT with Lisa and Bobby took about 7 weeks. I am biking, running and swimming again - all without any pain. I have no doubt I'll be competing again before long. I'd give them more stars if Yelp allowed that.

Brian H.

San Francisco, CA

"I Can't Say Enought About The Team"

Back pain was something that I had reluctantly accepted as something that would always be a part of my life.  Walking into the offices of the Chiro-Medical Group changed all that.  When entered their offices, half bent over in pain, I was greeted by a staff that understood what I was going through - indeed, I had called earlier that morning hardly able to move and they made time in their schedule to see me immediately.

Dr. Rosenberg took the time to thoroughly assess what was going on with my back and pulled together a treatment plan that both addressed my back issues and worked with my schedule to make it all happen.  To say that I am pleased would be a vast understatement.

The entire staff at the Chiro-Medical Group is head and shoulders above anything I could have hoped to encounter - they are a team that works in concert with the common goal of addressing your particular condition.  I can't say enough about the team - Kevin in Physical Therapy, Randy in the insurance department, Dr. Rosenberg and his associates - each of them has contributed to my recovery.

You have no idea what a chiropractor can really do until you have been treated by Dr. Rosenberg and his team.

Kevin J.

San Francisco, CA

"Chiro Medical Changed My Life!"

Since the start of my injury (adhesive capsulitis) in 2003 I have gone to surgeons and specialists through workmen’s comp. They gave me cortizone shots, recommended physical therapists, prescribed wrists braces, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medication, portable e-stim machines and acupuncture. They even gave me $5000 for my injury! But it never brought back the full movement in both shoulders. In July 2008, I made an appointment with Dr. Calzeretta and his team as a recommendation from a friend. They have a holistic approach to resolving my injuries and chronic pain. After they do a thorough examination of biomechanics from standing to sleeping they alleviate the immediate pain with chiropractic and set out to resolve what is causing the pain through physical therapy and education. Every exercise they taught me, every bit of information they shared with me from posture to ergonomic improvements proved to be beneficial to my recovery. I haven’t moved my arms since 2003 and in the last 2 months I’m 85% into my recovery. I can’t believe it!

Catherine B.

San Francisco, CA

"Healthy and Feeling Young"

Chiropractic care has and continues to be very beneficial to me.  It keeps me healthy and feeling young.  It allows me to live pain free and maintain a very active lifestyle which includes performing music, training horses and working out.  I, originally, came to the chiropractor about twenty years ago for a shoulder problem which did not allow me to throw.  Through adjustments and massage, the doctor was able to give me my arm back.  After that problem, I continued to come once a month for maintenance because the care felt good and helped me to stay in top performance shape.  I would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone.

Eugene S.

San Rafael, CA

"Extremely Positive"

I can't say enough about the team at Chiro Medical Group.  Before finding Chiro Medical Group in 2007 I had had chronic lower back pain for a decade.  I'd seen a series of orthopedic specialists and physical therapists.  While my doctors were beginning to talk about surgery, my conversations with Dr. Scott Calzaretta convinced me that was premature.  After working with Dr. Calzaretta and his team for  a few months my pain subsided.  During the same time, Steve Moreno helped to understand and practice exercises to both relax and strengthen my back.  I've regained my flexibility and range of motion.  Now, I continue to seek periodic treatment for preventative care and the occasional flareup. 

Besides the fact I'm generally pain free, the experience with Chiro Medical has been extremely positive. Throughout, I felt as though the treatment plan was personalized and specific.  Though I'm not athletic and have not exercised regularly, Steve and the people who occasionally stood in for him were extremely supportive in motivating me to learn and practice the critical strengthening exercises.  And generally, the efficiency and congeniality of the entire staff continues to make every interaction and every visit a pleasurable experience.

Janet M.

Novato, CA


My primary care provider at One Medical Group referred me to Dr. Rabbetz. I'm 4 months pregnant with extremely severe back pain. I'd never had chiropractic treatment before. I was unable to walk or sit for almost a week before seeing Dr. Rabbetz and there is not much my primary care team can do for me due to the pregnancy (med limitations etc.). 

One hour after my first adjustment with Dr. Rabbetz and work with his PT staff, I was standing and sitting comfortably for the first time in over a week! I am absolutely impressed. They're sensitive to the unique needs of the body while pregnant (including the massage team who has prenatal experience). The PT team understands all the nuance of a pregnancy-impacted care plan. I'm also impressed with the collaboration between the traditional MD/FNP world of medicine and chiropractic medicine and physical therapy. Dr. Rabbetz is efficient, direct, and sharp. I'm impressed with his ability to coordinate a full care team in his office. They run a coordinated and efficient practice, with thorough treatment and no wasted time, getting me back to work and family life. I am so grateful I was referred his way.

L. S.

San Francisco, CA